TechOn's dynamic new Fire Prevention Software has created an opportunity for municipalities to increase revenue streams.

Many municipalities conduct yearly inspections on local businesses. This gives the municipality the ability to charge the business a fee based on size and violations.

Municipalities are faced with a severe organizational dilemma each year. The problem stems from the amount of paperwork to be efficiently filed every year.

As the amount of businesses grow each coming year municipalities are faced with filing the individual business data and keeping an accurate billing system for all businesses.

Fire Prevention Software allows the input of duplicate data one time. Automatically duplicate data will be placed in the proper section of other entry forms.

Back office highlights include auto billing. Bills are auto generated, including late fees and any other applicable fees. A timely report can be generated for all customers, past dues, late customers and much more.

Contact us to see how Fire Prevention software can help your municipal agency create a new revenue stream and more office space by elimination overstuffed filing cabinets.